Yamaha A series Acoustic Guitars Overview

Yamaha A Series

Yamaha are well known for producing high quality guitars at an affordable price. The Yamaha A Series acoustic guitars are no exception but they do fall into the higher end of guitars compared to a lot of their other models (perhaps only the L series are on the same level). Even so, the lower end … [Continue reading]

10 Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar

Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar

If you’re new to recording, or if you haven’t recorded an acoustic guitar before, then check out these tips for recording acoustic guitar below to ensure that you have a successful time recording. These tips are meant for those that have not done any or much recording before and aren’t intended as tips for professionals. … [Continue reading]

Seagull Artist Series Guitars: Series Overview

Seagull Artist Series

The Seagull Artist Series of Guitars are Seagull’s top of the line guitars. They are all solid wood acoustic guitars and although they are the top of Seagull’s line, they are still really affordable, considering their high level of quality. O.k. Let’s take a look at all the guitars in the Artist series. The Guitars … [Continue reading]

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar Strap for you

acoustic guitar strap

When it comes to playing your acoustic guitar standing up you are going to need a strap. This post will help you to choose the best acoustic guitar strap for you so that you can make an informed decision about which type is best for you. The first thing to think about is whether your … [Continue reading]