The Different Types of Metronomes – Which Should I Use?


There are various types of metronomes but these can be broken down into two main types – digital and analog. Below we’ll take a look at the different metronomes out there and the pros and cons of each type. But wait – do I even need to be practicing with a metronome? Why Practice with a Metronome? … [Continue reading]

Martin 15 Series Guitars Overview

martin 15 series guitars

The Martin 15 Series Guitars fall somewhere in the middle of Martin’s range of guitars. Of course, given Martin’s focus on high end guitars, the 15 series guitars are of very high quality and will still set you back a reasonable chunk of cash to buy one. There are 9 different guitars in the 15 series … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Play the F Chord on Guitar


This post will show 5 different ways to play the F chord on guitar. Once you’ve mastered some of the basic chords on guitar it’s a good idea to start learning different chords – like 7th chords, sus4 chords etc. But another way you can expand your repertoire is learning how to play chords in … [Continue reading]

Taylor 300 Series Guitars Overview


Taylor 300 series guitars are all solid wood guitars that come with either Mahogany or Spruce tops. The 2016 models see the introduction of Tasmanian Blackwood for the back and sides of some models. The prices for the 300 series range from 1,658 (USD MSRP) to 2,638 (USD MSRP) depending on the model. Though MSRP … [Continue reading]