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If you are a fan of pop music, then you are most likely a fan of Christina Aguilera’s voice. Learning how to sing like Christina Aguilera could give you flexibility in your vocal range and style when performing. Christina Aguilera’s voice is an ideal pop voice and there are many ways you can teach yourself at home how to sing like Christina Aguilera.

In this article, we will explore what strengths Christina Aguilera’s voice has and how you can work towards sounding like Christina Aguilera.

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Who Is Christina Aguilera?

Christina María Aguilera is a well-known pop singer who has released music throughout the 2000s. Due to her impressive voice, Christina Aguilera has been an influential singer for aspiring pop vocalists.

This is due to her wide vocal range and powerful performances. Rolling Stone Magazine has quoted Christina Aguilera to be one of the best singers to date. Christina Aguilera has not only released music over the last two decades but has also begun work as an actress and TV Personality.

She’s been making good tv moments through the years that are remembered by many. During making good tv moments, she’s been a television show host to help find the best vocalist of aspiring singers in pop culture.

Christina Aguilera Musical History

Christina Aguilera started her career acting on The New Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel alongside other big pop names such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. After Christina Aguilera performed a song for the Disney movie Mulan, she was then signed to a record company. When Christina Aguilera was signed she released her debut album in 1999.

Her album incorporated hard work and was heavily influenced by all her favorite singers, which lead to her commercial success.

What Kind of Voice Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Christina Aguilera is known to have a mezzo-soprano voice type. There are six types of voices, three that are typically male and three that are typically female. A mezzo-soprano voice type is a female type voice that is between alto and soprano.

Although Christina Aguilera has a mezzo-soprano voice type, her vocal mid range is large and expands to other notes that are classified as being in other voice types.

Therefore, it is hard to say what Christina Aguilera’s voice type is as her vocal range is very wide, the reason Christina Aguilera is presumed to be mezzo-soprano is that mid range seems to be where she records mostly her chest voice.

Is Christina Aguilera a Soprano?

Yes and no. As Christina Aguilera has such a large vocal range, her vocal range fits in many different types of voice types. Christina Aguilera is known to be a mezzo-soprano rather than a soprano. This does not mean that she can not sing soprano notes, as she does.

Mezzo-soprano seems to be her most confident vocal range. Vocal experts have said that she has a deeper tone to her voice due to the unsteady movement of the larynx. Cristina aguilera voice would sound a lot brighter if she held her larynx more naturally.

When vocal coaches assessed Christina Aguilera’s higher notes, they noticed that when she is performing whistle notes, she is using her falsetto rather than her whistle tone. This shows that her vocal range extends higher than a mezzo-soprano.

How To Tell If You Have The Same Voice Type As Christina Aguilera

There are six main voice types that you could possibly be. Three of these voice types are typically female voices and three of these voice types are typically male voices. This does not mean to say that this is accurate, as female voices can still fall under male voice types. This is very common in choirs when parts are split into these six main voice types.

If you are able to sing along to Christina Aguilera’s song easily, without straining your voice then you most likely do have the same voice type.

Here is how to tell if you have the same voice type:

  • Step 1: Try to match the lowest note you can sing to a specific note on the piano. You should always match your lowest note to the note you feel is the most comfortable to sing. Finding which voice type you are is all about finding out which voice type is the most comfortable for your voice.
  • Step 2: Try to match the highest note you can sing to a specific note on the piano. Just like with your lower notes, you should always match your highest note to the note you feel is the most comfortable to sing.
  • Step 3: Match your lowest and highest notes to the references given for mezzo-soprano. You will be a mezzo-soprano voice type if your lowest note sits between A3 to D3 and your highest notes sit between A5 to C5. If you can reach lower than A3 then you may have an alto voice type. If you can reach higher than C5 you may have a soprano voice type.

What Vocal Range Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Christina Aguilera has a vocal range that reached a B flat 2. This fits nicely into the alto voice type and is actually a lower note than what a typically lyric mezzo-soprano voice type can reach. Christina Aguilera’s range then extends to a C sharp 7 which is again higher than what a mezzo-soprano can reach and actually fits nicely into a soprano voice type.

Christina Aguilera’s lowest and highest notes conclude that she can vocally reach four complete octaves and two notes. Throughout Christina Aguilera’s career, her lower register has strengthened especially when she is singing around C3.

From her debut album to her ninth studio album, Christina Aguilera has been able to sing her lower register with ease and can even belt some of these notes.

What Is Christina Aguilera’s Highest Note?

In total, Christina Aguilera can sing a maximum of four different octaves. These four different octaves can fit comfortably in Christina Aguilera’s vocal range. The lowest note that Christina Aguilera has recorded singing is a B2 and the highest note that Christina Aguilera has recorded singing is a C Sharp 7.

What Vocal Strengths Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Christina Aguilera’s vocal strengths far outway her weaknesses. Firstly, her vocal agility and range are widely respected and allow her to produce impressive songs that vocally amaze. Christina Aguilera is also very practiced in vocal runs that are higher in the register, when listening to one of Christina Aguilera’s songs you will notice these higher vocal runs throughout the theme song.

Another vocal strength that Christina Aguilera is known for throughout her music career is her ability to belt notes and hold notes for an impressive length of time. This technique can be heard in her songs ‘Candyman’ and ‘Ain’t No Other Man’.

Another clever technique that Christina Aguilera has been able to learn is to have a vocal tone that can be used in multiple genres. This has allowed Christina Aguilera to stay current and in the charts, as she can be a soul singer, and sing over various genres like blues, jazz, pop, and even dance tracks. This is due to the fact that Christina Aguilera can create a soft tone of voice and also a heavy tone of voice, especially in her middle range.

Not many vocal artists can produce whistle notes, but Christina Aguilera has proven in multiple recordings and live recordings that this is not a problem for her vocals.

What Vocal Techniques Can Christina Aguilera Do?

Learning what vocal techniques Christina María Aguilera has mastered can also help you know what you need to master in order to have a similar voice to her.

The first thing to start off with is practicing a vocal technique called a melisma. Christina Aguilera is known to produce successful melisma through her vocal performances in her songs. This also includes being able to hold and control your voice while you are producing this vocal technique. This can include Christina Aguilera holding her notes without any vibrato for long periods of time.

Another technique that Christina Aguilera has also mastered is being in control of her head voice, which she can apply up to a very high range. Christina Aguilera applies these notes to sound sweet, light, and airy sound.

What Is Christina Aguilera Bad At Vocally?

Every singer has vocal weaknesses including Christina Aguilera. It is normal to have vocal weaknesses no matter what stage you are in on your vocal journey. Knowing what ​​Christina Aguilera’s vocal weaknesses are will help you possibly discover where your vocal weaknesses are too.

When Christina Aguilera reaches a certain point in her vocal range the notes start to sound constrained and tight. This is often around notes A4 to C5. This can happen to any vocalist as every singer will have a certain area in their range where the notes will not be as smooth as the rest. 

Christina Aguilera tends to also always hit high notes in her head voice rather than her mixed voice. The lower part of Christina Aguilera’s range loses some clarity, especially in diction and in tone. This is all very normal for a singer, even a professional singer who has been performing for years.

Knowing these weaknesses may help you analyze how this sounds in Christina Aguilera’s voice and compare it to how your voice sounds in your vocal range. Start testing out different areas of your vocal range and see if they are sounding as they should.

How to Sing Like Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a legendary pop singer, with a voice that is flexible and powerful at the same time. A lot of singers are to have the same technical abilities as Christina Aguilera. Often many beginner singers believe that if they do not naturally sound how Christina Aguilera sounds then it is unachievable.

This is simply not true as vocal techniques can be taught with time and practice. Christina Aguilera does not sing the way she does now without practice. Even though Christina Aguilera may make her vocal appear effortless when she sings, her voice is a product of years of practicing and training.

Here are some simple ways you can begin to sound like Christina Aguilera:

  • Listen to different kinds of Christina Aguilera songs
  • Listen to singers that influence Christina Aguilera
  • Connect with the song
  • Work out your talents
  • Pick your Christina Aguilera song wisely
  • Learn how to sing riffs
  • Do not overdo it
  • Learn repetition
  • Practice part by part
  • Learn to belt sing
  • Work with a vocal coach

Listen to Different Kinds Of Christina Aguilera Songs

It may be pretty obvious, but the best way of vocally sounding like Christina Aguilera is to listen to Christina Aguilera songs. Making sure that you study Christina Aguilera’s voice and knowing what strengths and weaknesses she has can help you discover what you need to practice yourself on your own vocals.

Using websites like YouTube and Spotify will help you get an idea of what Christina Aguilera’s voice really sounds like. A helpful trick is to also listen to Christina Aguilera sing live to see how she holds herself when she is singing and how she sings differently live than when she is in a studio.

Listen to Singers That Influence Christina Aguilera

Exploring how Christina Aguilera learned to sing will be very useful when you are trying to copy her technique. Christina Aguilera listened to a lot of older styles of music and took inspiration from those when she was developing her own voice.

If you want to sound like Christina Aguilera, the music she listened to will also be able to teach you tricks just as listening to Christina Aguilera would. Christina Aguilera was a fan of blues, soul, and jazz music and therefore you could check out some work by vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, and Janis Joplin.

Connect With the Song

When learning how to sing like Christina Aguilera, you will not only need to develop some vocal techniques but you will also need to know how to perform. Connecting with the song is the eastie way of making sure that it is the right song for you to be performing. When you connect to the song, you will find it easiest to relate to the lyrics and communicate that to the audience.

When you like the song’s lyrics, you will easily be able to feel them more and show more emotion when singing. The best way to find which Christina Aguilera song is best for you is to listen to a mix of 10 of Christina Aguilera’s songs. See which song you lyrically connect to and which you like the rhythm of most.

Work Out Your Talents

No matter how hard you try, you are never going to get your voice to sound exactly like Christina Aguilera and that is ok! If we all sounded the same as one another, music would be very boring. You most likely do not want to sound exactly like Christina Aguilera as then you would not be able to follow up a musical career on your own as you would sound too much like another artist.

Knowing what your vocal strengths are will help you when learning how to sing like Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera is a fantastic singer but she also has certain strengths and weaknesses like all of us.

Finding which strengths you have in common can help you lean into those strengths more. If you know that you both have to belt as a strength, then you may be able to develop your belting more so, so that you can show that particular skill off whenever you are singing.

Knowing your vocal strengths will come with time but it may also be useful to hire one lesson with a vocal coach to explore what your strengths and weaknesses are as it is always useful to get an outsider’s opinion.

Pick Your Christina Aguilera Song Wisely

When you are picking which Christina Aguilera you would like to sing, it is important that you pick a song wisely. Christina Aguilera has a lot of songs and many of those songs are hits therefore you have a lot of material to choose from. If you have a lot of material to choose from then you may as well be picky with what you want to perform and make sure that it suits your vocal.

To pick the best Christina Aguilera song for you firstly you will need to make sure that it is within your vocal range so that you know you will be able to reach every note. Once you have made sure that you will be able to reach every note, is it then time to check if it is in your vocal register.

Making sure that the Christina Aguilera song you pick is in the right register for you will make sure that your voice is suited to the song. If you know the song is in the right register and vocal range then you can start looking at the style of the song.

When picking a Christina Aguilera song, you will need to know if you want a slow ballad or a fast upbeat song. Making sure the song lyrically feels right to you will also help you when it comes down to performance. If you do not connect to the song in any way, the audience will be able to tell so make sure you love the song before you start performing it.

Learn How to Sing Riffs

When you think of Christina Aguilera, you think of vocal riffs! If you are wanting to sound like Christina Aguilera, then the vocal techniques you will need to learn is how to apply vocals riffs, vocal runs, and embellishments to your singing.

This skill set has been acquired as Christina Aguilera was inspired by a lot of blues and RnB old-school music. A riff is described as being a quick melodic flourish that includes singing a number of notes in a sequence. When singing a riff, it is typical to sing the sound “oo” or “ay”, something that is easy to sing. 

Want to start learning how to vocal riff? It is important to listen to Christina Aguilera and see where she places her vocal riffs and runs. This will then give you inspiration on where you should place your vocal riffs and runs when you are performing.

When riffing, make sure to sing a maximum of three notes so that you are not overdoing it. You should start your riffs when finishing the last word of a line, this is often a great place to put a vocal riff. It is also important to make sure that before you sing a vocal riff there is a pause before you need to sing the next main line.

This will give you time to complete the vocal riff and have gained enough breath to continue with the song.

Do Not Overdo It

Aim to keep it simple when you are starting off singing a Christina Aguilera song. If you add too many riffs and embellishments to each line, the song will start to sound messy and the vocal will appear to be trying too hard to impress the audience.

Adding too much flare to your vocal can be slightly distracting to the audience and take away from the song’s meaning. The music that originally inspired Christina Aguilera does contain riffs, but few. Old blues tracks and soul remain very simple, especially in the vocals so that the lyrics and the general message can be heard.

Learn Repetition

If you listen to the songs that Christina Aguilera releases, you will notice that one common factor between them all is that there is a lot of repetition. You will find that this is the case in many pop songs as that is the trend of the genre.

Therefore, when you are practicing a Christina Aguilera song, embrace that there is a lot of repetition. This may be hard as when you are singing the song you may find that you start to get tired of repeating the same section over again.

Practicing repeating the same section over and over again will help with this. Once you are comfortable with that section you will be able to add personal style and maybe the odd riff or two to spice it up. If you listen to Christina Aguilera, this is exactly what she does.

Every time Christina Aguilera repeats a section, she makes the section slightly different by changing her tone or adding extra parts.

Practice Part By Part

Christina Aguilera’s songs can be complicated to learn, especially when there are so many riffs and extra parts to fit in. On the first listen, it can be slightly overwhelming if you are wanting to copy that song. The best way to approach a Christina Aguilera song is to start learning the song section by section.

To start with, it is best to start small, for example, practice the first three lines and make sure you have sung them correctly. Copying the style of Christina Aguilera is also challenging and you may need to take section by section to make sure that you are replicating the parts right.

It is best to work section by section as this allows you to keep up with the song and have a better understanding of the song before you dive in.

Learn to Belt Sing

Learning to belt sing is a skill in itself, but learning this technique will make sure you are one step closer to sounding like Christina Aguilera. Belt singing uses the chest voice to loudly sing either a note or a phrase. Belt singing is impressive when you hold a note for a very long time, just like Christina Aguilera.

If you are wanting to practice learning how to belt, there are some simple exercises you can do to get you started. Practicing musical scales as part of your daily routine will help you get comfortable singing using your chest voice.

Try practicing holding a note for a very long time while engaging your diaphragm. Using your diaphragm while singing using your chest voice will help support the voice, especially if the note you are holding lasts longer than others.

Using the diaphragm can also help you release all the air at once making the note louder. This will make the note sound stronger, especially when singing a belt note or using your chest voice like Christina Aguilera.

Work With a Vocal Coach

If you are still finding it challenging to sing like Christina Aguilera by training at home, then it is possible to look into working with some vocal coaches. You can explain to a vocal coach what kind of voice you are aiming for and then they will help you assess which areas you need to work on.

You can also make a plan on how to get you to achieve your goals when it comes to singing. A vocal coach will be able to help you practice your vocal ability, and certain techniques, and show you tips on how to best implement these techniques as part of your daily singing routine.

Taking classes with a vocal coach once a week can be a great way of making sure you are singing with the best technique that will be safe for your vocal cords. 

Finding a vocal coach can happen in lots of different ways. The most important thing is that you want to make sure that the vocal coach you pick is best suited to your singing goals. You can ask friends for recommendations, take some tester lessons and even look online for the right vocal coach.

I would recommend that you research your potential vocal coaches’ websites as that will tell you about them and what their expertise is.

Christina Aguilera Best Hits

Christina Aguilera has had a successful pop star career over the space of one decade! Over the decade there have been some memorable songs and videos that have made her name well known across the whole world. Here is a list of Christina Aguilera’s top hits over the last twenty years:

  • Genie In A Bottle
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Beautiful
  • Moves Like Jagger
  • Say Something

Genie In A Bottle – 1999

Genie in a Bottle was the song that kickstarted Christina Aguilera’s pop star career. Genie in a Bottle was so successful that the song charted in the US before it had been released in the UK. Genie in a Bottle sold 172,000 copies by the first seven days of being for sale.

The song spent two weeks as the number one hit. Genie in a Bottle is now Christina Aguilera’s third-biggest song with combined sales of 884,000 and 25.1 million audio and video streams.

Listen to Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera here:

Lady Marmalade – 2001

Christina Aguilera has had huge success when it comes to collaborating with other artists. Collaborating on various different projects has led to Christina Aguilera becoming a worldwide known artist.

On the song Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera collaborated with some of the biggest artists at the time including Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya. Lady Marmalade achieved number one and achieved 869,000 combined sales and 41.4 million streams.

Listen to Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera featuring Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink here:

Beautiful – 2003

Christina Aguilera’s last number one is beautiful which was released in 2003. The song made it to number 1 as well as selling a combined 568,000 copies and 24.6 million streams. Beautiful is a ballad that promotes self-love and empowerment.

Listen to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera here:

Moves Like Jagger – 2011

Moves Like Jagger by Adam Levine featuring Christina Aguilera is the second best-selling single in the history of the Official Singles Chart. It is also the best-selling single that did not get to Number 1 on the charts.

The song followed Someone Like You but Adele closely in the charts but it is still one of Christina Aguilera’s biggest hits within recent years. Moves Like Jagger has 1.9 million combined sales and 57.4 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 (Adam Levine) featuring Christina Aguilera here:

Say Something – 2014

Say Something is a collaboration between A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. The song became a hit and read Number 4 on the charts in 2014. The song also went on to have 1.05 million sales and is Christina Aguilera’s most-streamed track to date, with 113 million streams.

Listen to Say Something by Christina Aguilera featuring Colin Smith here:

FAQs About Christina Aguilera’s Voice

What Kind Of Voice Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Christina Aguilera has a voice type that is described as mezzo-Soprano. A  mezzo-soprano voice can cover medium to low notes as well as very high notes.  Christina Aguilera has a wide vocal range that also overlaps with other vocal types.

Why Is Christina Aguilera’s Voice Different?

Christina Aguilera’s voice is known to be described as different and this is most likely due to the fact that her voice has been influenced by older styles of music. Artists such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Christina Aguilera have all been described as having different and unique voices. What these three artists have in common is that they listened to older styles of music such as jazz and soul and replicated that music when they were learning to sing. These older styles of music have influenced not only the way these artists write their songs but how they have learned to sing.

Is Christina Aguilera A Good Singer?

Christina Aguilera is known to be a very good singer as she has a flexible vocal range and has mastered impressive vocal techniques. Christina Aguilera often is able to perform her songs well too as she has experience in acting as well as singing. Christina Aguilera has a natural gift of musicality but this does not mean that you can not teach yourself how to sing like Christina Aguilera. Learning techniques that Christina Aguilera has mastered is challenging but can be done.

How Did Christina Aguilera Get Her Voice?

Christina Aguilera has a very unique voice due to the fact that she blends different vocal styles of singing together. Christina Aguilera also performs songs that are across different genres, giving her voice variety rather than being fixed to one genre and is known for that one genre. Christina Aguilera’s higher vocal range and impressive vocal runs are well-practiced and smooth in transition. When listening to Christina Aguilera’s voice, you can tell that her voice has been influenced by older genres such as jazz and blues music.

Develop Your Vocal Range And Riffs

The trick to sounding like Christina Aguilera is to make sure that you can get your vocal range to be as wide as possible while also practicing your ability to produce clean sharp vocal riffs and vocal runs.

These kinds of skills will not be developed overnight, but with daily practice can be achieved after a few weeks to months. Vocal exercises such as singing various scales, applying breathing exercises and sirens can all help to widen the vocal range.

Practicing pitch, lip trills, and scales can all help with learning how to do vocal riffs and vocal runs. 

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