Christmas Gifts for Guitarists: 14 Great Options

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Christmas is coming and you need a to think of a gift for that guitarist in your life? Christmas gifts for guitarists can be tricky, especially if you aren’t a guitarist yourself.

Of course, most people won’t be looking to buy a 4,000 dollar guitar as a gift. And even if you were looking to buy a guitar (and you could get a guitar for anywhere from 100 dollars to 10,000 dollars) you may not know what guitar to get. Most guitarists are very particular about the guitar they want.

Don’t worry though, there are many options for guitarists that won’t break the bank and are much easier to choose.

Christmas Gifts For Guitarists: 14 Great Options

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The Christmas Gift List for Guitarists

The list of gift options below are low cost and are great options for guitarists. Some are fool-proof and others require you to know something about what the person you are buying for already has.

Depending on your budget you could combine two or more of these items too – always nice getting multiple gifts!

My personal favorites are #5 #12 and #14.

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Christmas Gift for Guitarists #1: Strings

The classic gift for a guitarist is strings. This is something that a guitarist will always need and something that will definitely be used at some stage.

Just make sure that you know the size of strings that your guitarist gift receiver uses.

If you’re not sure try to get into their guitar case, or get someone else to do it and see what type and gauge of string they use.

(Learn more about choosing guitar strings on my blog.)

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #2: Subscription to a String Club

Some guitar stores have a subscription to a string club which gets around having to know the type/gauge of strings that your guitarist needs because they will get them themselves.

Just make sure that the guitarist that you are buying for is the type that will change their strings regularly. A very casual guitarist who only changes strings say once every 6 months, won’t get much use from a string club.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #3: Capo

A capo is a very useful tool for a guitarist. If your intended gift receiver doesn’t yet have one of these they are well worth the investment.Or if you’ve heard them complain about their current capo.

Learn more about Capos and how to choose one.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #4: Picks

Guitarists lose picks all the time – or wear through them so they loose their shape. So they need more eventually.

This is a very low cost option and is probably best when combined with other items.

One thing you could do is get a variety pack of picks so that they haven’t different types to try. Perhaps they haven’t found the right kind of pick for them yet.

Learn more about choosing guitar picks.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #5: Sheet Music or Guitar Tab of their Favorite Album

This is an awesome gift that I was given once – and I really appreciated it.

There’s a great advantage to buying the actual music to songs (as opposed to downloading guitar tab online) – it’s always accurate and usually comes with the sheet music which denotes the rhythm. And for those guitarists that sing too – they often have the music for the vocals too.

Another great thing about this option is that it’s likely to be something that your guitarist doesn’t have.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #6: Slide

If your guitarist doesn’t own a slide it’s a great tool to have and can help to expand their repertoire.

Like with picks, this is a very inexpensive item, so it’s best to include it with other items, if possible.

Slides come in different materials too – with brass, glass and steel being the most common – so you could get a selection of different slides for them to try.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #7: Metronome

If your guitarist doesn’t yet have a metronome, this is a great gift to get. Metronomes are a great tool for improving a guitarist’s rhythm – something every musician should have.

Learn more about metronomes on the blog.

Korg TM60BK Tuner Metronome, Black

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #8: Electronic Tuner

This is a very handy tool for any guitarist – even for those who are well adept at tuning by ear. When needing to tune in a noisy environment or tuning for recordings (to make sure you have it just right), electronic tuners are invaluable.

Again, check to see that your guitarist already has this.

You can also get multifunction devices that are tuners and metronomes in one.

Learn more about tuners.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #9: Microphone or Microphone Stand

There are a few options here.

If your guitarist sings too, then you could grab a vocal mic for them. Or a mic stand for a vocal mic. Again, make sure this is something that they need.

If your guitarist does recordings and they are an acoustic guitarist, then a guitar mic might be what they need – or again a mic stand for that guitar mic.

Make sure to do your research and know what kind of mic will be best suited and needed. This is really best when you know it’s something that they need or have been talking about getting.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #10: Guitar Stand

Not having a guitar stand can be a bad thing for a guitarist. If you’re guitar is shut in it’s case hidden away somewhere, it can be a psychological barrier to practicing the guitar.

Having a stand means you can have your guitar out in the open which makes it visible to remind you to play and also makes it quicker to pick it up and start playing.

You can get stands that sit on the ground or wall hangers.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #11: Guitar Case

Another great option is to get a guitar case for them if they do’t have one – a little pricier but if it’s in your budget and they don’t have one, then it’s a great gift.

A hard case is your best bet as it keeps a guitar safe during travel and you can use it to humidity control a guitar too if they’re guitar lives in a high or low humidity environment.

Learn more about Guitar Cases.

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #12: Subscription to Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons as gift

Online guitar lessons are a great gift because the recipient can use them whenever it suits them so you don’t need to worry about scheduling a time with an in-person instructor.

The other great thing is that a lot of online guitar lesson providers have lessons for all variety of styles and ability levels. So no matter the level of guitarist or the style that they’re into, they’ll find real value in this gift.

Yearly subscriptions are actually really reasonably priced, especially compared to in-person lessons and if your budget is smaller you could go on a monthly subscription and then they can decide after a month whether to cancel or continue paying themselves.

The 2 providers that I would suggest checking out are Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. We actually wrote an article about Guitar Trick and made an honest review. Check out the following links for those two:

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #13: Variety Pack

As I mentioned earlier there are some small things that you might want to combine.

Any combination of the following would make a great variety pack:

  • Picks
  • String winder
  • Strings
  • Capo
  • Slide
  • Strap
  • Tuner and/or metronome
  • Guitar Stand
  • Music Stand (for holding sheet music and guitar tab)

Christmas Gift for Guitarist #14: Gift Card

Getting your guitarist a gift card to a local or online music store is a gift that is always appreciated by a guitarist.

The biggest advantage of this is that they get to choose exactly what they want/need. And if they are looking at getting something of a higher value (like a new guitar), then they will be able to use the gift card towards that.

Both methods have their advantages, and many guitar players find a hybrid approach beneficial. Offline lessons provide strong foundational skills and personalized feedback, while online resources are great for exploring specific songs, genres, or advanced techniques. Ultimately, the best method is one that keeps you engaged and motivated while effectively progressing your skills.

Over to You

There are many options you can get for that guitarist in your life, whether they’re just starting out on they instrument or if they are more experienced.

I hope this post has given you some ideas and some options.

If you have received or given great guitar gifts that haven’t been included in this list, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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