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Hello and welcome to my review of the Gator GC DREAD dreadnought case.

This review will look at a number of factors and determine what I think of the case as well as show you what others think of it.

Amongst other things the review will take into account:

  • Protection/Fit
  • Durability
  • Weight/Compactness
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Functionality

Table of Contents

Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-DREAD),Black
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Overall Rating

  • Case: Gator GCDREAD Deluxe Dreadnought Guitar Case
  • Price: $119 (USD) – $189 MSRP but usually doesn’t sell for this much
  • Fits: Dreadnoughts
  • Rating Score: 87.5/100


  • Sturdy
  • Nice soft plush interior


  • Some fit issues – but that comes with most cases
  • A bit ugly – IMHO

GC Dreadnought Case Specs

Check out the specs of the Gator GCDREAD below.

Internal Dimensions

Overall Length (width):41.25″1048mm
Body Length (width):23″584mm
Lower Bout Width:16″406mm
Lower Bout Width:12.25″311mm
Upper Bout Width:12.5″318mm
Body Depth:5.5″ (but tapers down a bit towards the neck of the body)140mm

Interior dimensions are as per Gators website. Some stores have slightly different measurements published.

External Dimensions

Overall Length:44.25″1124mm
Body Depth:7.25″184mm

Exterior dimensions are as per Gators website. Some stores have slightly different measurements published.


This case weighs 11lbs (5 kg) according to Gator – but is listed as 9lbs at a couple of stores I looked at. I haven’t weighed it myself. Assume that it’s 11lbs as that’s how the manufacturer lists it.


  • Shell & Outer: ABS Plastic
  • Interior Lining: EPS Foam and Plush lining
  • Hardware: Chrome plated lockable latches, reinforced “extra strength” handle

Best Uses

This case is pretty sturdy so will be fine for protecting your guitar in transit to lessons, band practice etc.

Not strong enough as a flight case – so if you will be transporting your guitar via air I would invest a bit more in a proper flight case to make sure it’s protected.

The seal is pretty good too – so if you need humifdity control for your case then this will work well for that too (using something like Humidipak).

Fits dreadnought acoustics – but this is a pretty broad claim these days with different dreadnoughts having slightly different dimensions – make sure to check measurements with your particular dreadnought before purchasing.


Below are the details for a number of different factors.


Even though this case is made from plastic and not wood, don’t be fooled. It feels pretty sturdy so they obviously are using high quality, tough plastics.

In terms of fit you’ll have to be careful to make sure your guitar will fit, as you always have to be with any case that isn’t designed for a specific guitar. Even though it says that it fits dreadnoughts, be careful to make sure that it fits your particular dreadnought.

Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-DREAD),Black

Some reports have stated that the case didn’t fit their dreadnought, whilst others say it’s a perfect fit.

I’d really like to see guitar case manufacturers come out with a list of guitars that the case fits. Do a bit of research and release the list so that buyers can be sure.

O.k. rant over?


Whilst I read one review that claimed the case cracked after 6 months – there were no other complaints surrounding durability. I imagine that they either got a dud one or it was pre-damaged in transit when being delivered which made it weak.

Try to make sure, if you’re ordering online, that you make sure that they are sending it protected and don’t assume it protects itself. Like I say it’s not a flight case so no guarantees it will survive transport undamaged.

Ease of Carry

If it’s 9lbs as some stores claimed then it will be quite easy – that’s not super light but lighter than most cheaper cases like this. However, if it’s actually the 11lbs stated by the manufacturer (as I suspect it is), then it won’t be as easy to carry.


it’s not incredibly compact but not overly bulky either. 11lbs is on the heavy side in terms of weight but if you’re only carrying it short distances it will be fine.


The hardware seems pretty heavy duty and seems to line up well and the latches latch well. The latches are lockable too.

90% of those that reviewed this case on Musician’s Friend would recommend this case.

The case scored 4.3/5 stars on (55 review), 3.8/5 stars on Musician’s friend (13 reviews) and 4.3/5 stars at Guitar Center (3 reviews)

Storage Space

There is pretty standard storage space in the area under the neck of the guitar for your picks, strap, strings, capo etc.


Personally I find it a bit ugly. Maybe it’s hard to mold the case to look like a guitar when your using ABS plastic but surely that would cut down on a bit of weight too.

But, of course, looks are in the eye of the beholder.

Score Breakdown and Final Verdict

Check out the table below to the see the breakdown of the score I gave the case.

Out of 100Overall Contribution to Score
Ease of Carry8512.8
Storage space854.3
TOTAL SCORE: 84.8/100

Note: Things like protection get more contribution to the final score, and things like style get less – this is a reflection of what I believe is more or less important in a guitar case

Value for Money

Depending on what price you can get it for, then yes. But definitely don’t pay the MSRP of $189 (USD) – the standard price for this case is $119 (USD). Even then I probably wouldn’t spend that.

Just because I think there are better options for cheaper. But if you can find it for less than $100, then go for it (assuming it will fit your guitar of course).

I did a quick calculation, from a small sample of cases (54 different cases), for the average of guitar hard cases – and the average price was $97.68 – and the average price out of those for dreadnoughts was $97.03.

Where to Buy/More Info

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Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Dreadnought Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-DREAD),Black
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Are Gator guitar cases good?

Gator Cases is a reputable brand known for producing guitar cases that offer good protection for a range of instrument types. The quality and features can vary between models, so it’s essential to choose a Gator case that matches your specific needs and budget.

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