The Bridal Chorus “Here Comes the Bride” Chords

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Just the words “Here Comes the Bride” can evoke an image of a bride in white marching down the aisle. But did you know this famous song also sounds great played on guitar? Let’s take a look at the “Here Comes the Bride” chords.

The Bridal Chorus “here Comes The Bride” Chords

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Is It Really Called “Here Comes the Bride?”

If you search for sheet music for “Here Comes the Bride,” it may be hard to find results. That’s because the song’s actual title is “Bridal Chorus.”

Bridal Chorus” has been around a long time. It was composed in German by Richard Wagner for an 1850 opera called Lohengrin.

Here Comes the Bride Chords

You probably already understand how to play the chords to this song, as many of them are some of the first chords most guitarists learn:

  • G
  • C
  • Em
  • Am
  • Dm
  • B
  • E

As you can see, it’s a basic arrangement of major and minor chords: you don’t have to worry about major sevenths, diminished chords, etc.

But if you want to really capture the spirit of the song, try a fingerpicking arrangement. The one in this video isn’t too hard to play, but it sounds especially beautiful on classical guitar.

What About Lyrics?

Traditionally, Bridal Chorus is not performed with words at weddings. In the original opera, it is sung by the wedding party. The words are in German, but these lyrics offer a rough translation:

Here comes the bride lyrics_six string acoustic

The lyrics are sung to the well-known melody of Here Comes the Bride. These easy tabs show you a simple way to play the melody on guitar!

Of course, you can also download sheet music for Here Comes the Bride arranged for guitar. This is a famous enough song that you can find several different sheet music arrangements!

Performing Here Comes the Bride

Now that you know the guitar chords for Here Comes the Bride, you’ll be able to play it for a wedding if you’d like! But even if you’d rather not be a wedding musician, this easy tab makes a great practice piece for beginners. And whether you’re strumming, fingerpicking, or playing the melody, it’s a song you can have fun with!


Still have some questions on how to play “Here Comes the Bride”? Here are some answers:

Is Here Comes the Bride a song?

Yes, although it’s actually called “Bridal Chorus.” It was written by Richard Wagner, a German composer, for the 1850 opera Lohengrin.

What are the chords for the song Happy Birthday?

Happy Birthday isn’t too tough to play; it only has four chords. You’ll need G, C, D7, and D.

What are the chords to Here Comes the Bride?

To play “Here Comes the Bride,” you’ll need G, C, Em, Am, Dm, B, and E.

What chords are used in Wish You Were Here?

To play “Wish You Were Here,” you’ll need Em7, G, A7sus4, C, D, and Am.

What is the Here Comes the Bride song called?

Though many people simply call it “Here Comes the Bride,” this song is actually called “Bridal Chorus.”

What are the chords for Blue Moon?

To play Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon,” on guitar, you will need Db, Gb7, Dbm7, Eb7, Ab7, Dbmaj6, Gbm, Gbm7, Db7, B7, Fm7, Fdim, Bbm7, and E.

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