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Hello and welcome to my review of the HumiCase Protege Dreadnought guitar case.

This review will look at a number of factors and determine what I think of the case as well as show you what others think of it.

Amongst other things the review will take into account:

  • Protection/Fit
  • Durability
  • Weight/Compactness
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Functionality

Table of Contents

Cordoba HumiCase Protege Thin Body Classical/Flamenco Humidified Guitar Case
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Overall Rating

  • Case: HumiCase Protege Dreadnought Guitar Case
  • Price: $170 (USD MSRP)
  • Fits: Dreadnoughts
  • Rating Score: 88/100 (not taking into account the humidification system)


  • Great protection
  • Heavy duty
  • Humidification system


  • On the heavier side
  • Some reports of latches not lining up properly
  • Some reports that the lining isn’t as plush as it could be


Outer Dimensions

Overall Length:43″1092mm
Lower Bout (width):17″432mm
Upper Bout (width):13.75″349mm
Body Depth:7″178mm

Inner Dimensions

Body Length (width):20″508mm
Lower Bout (width):15″381mm
Upper Bout (width):11.5″292mm
Body Depth:5.5″140mm


This case weighs 11.85 lbs (5.38kg)

Best Uses

The best use for this case is using it as a humidification system and a protective guitar case in one

If you live in a very dry climate (and where you keep your guitar isn’t humidity controlled), then it’s important to have a way to keep your guitar humidified. Low humidity can do some bad things to your guitar!

As a case – apart from its humidity system – it’s actually a really sturdy case – so it’s good for protection when transporting it too.

it’s not super-light but I’ve also seen heavier. So you can walk with it too – but it will start to feel quite heavy pretty quickly (depending on your strength of course).

If you are on a budget and don’t need the humidification system, then there are cheaper options that will offer similar protection qualities.

Oh yeah – and you should only buy this for a dreadnought guitar – that’s what it’s designed for and fit is all important for guitar cases. Measure up your guitar and check against the case dimensions (not all dreadnoughts are exactly the same) to make sure your guitar will be a good fit.


Below are the details for a number of different factors important to hard cases.


it’s a really solid case. it’s got a solid 7 ply wood shell and a tough vinyl exterior. Assuming your guitar fits well, this case should do a great job for protection.

It would have scored slightly higher for protection, except that the interior could be softer.

Make sure that your guitar will fit before buying – not all dreadnoughts have exactly the same dimensions.


This case is solidly built and should last. It’s not a flight case – so I wouldn’t recommend sending this off to be transported by air or courier – but if you use it for transporting in your vehicle between places that you use your guitar, then it should last a long time.

Ease of Carry

it’s not the lightest case in the world. So it should be fairly easy to carry for short trips of carrying but mostly for travel in a vehicle – I wouldn’t want to walk too far carrying this thing. The handle seems nice and solid.


Outer dimensions compared with inner dimensions, this case is fairly compact. That said, it’s quite heavy too.


This case has heavy duty chrome latches. The latches seem good – though some report that they weren’t lined up as well as they could have been. Not sure whether that was down to construction of the case or damage in transit though.

From the 5 reviews on 100% said they would recommend this case. Though that is a very small sample size (only 5 reviews).

On I only found 1 review (4 stars) and on Musician’s Friend (5 reviews) it got an average of 4.2/5. Again these are very small sample sizes.

There are more reviews for the Protege Classical/Flamenco version on (20 of them) and that averaged 4.6/5 stars. As I understand it that case is the same as the one being reviewed here except that it’s different shape/size (to fit classical guitars).

Storage Space

it’s got the standard storage space under the neck for picks, straps, strings, tuners etc.


It looks nice enough to me. Nothing special but it looks and feels solid and well built.

Score Breakdown and Final Verdict

Check out the table below for the breakdown of the scores that I gave for this case.

Out of 100Overall Contribution to Score
Ease of Carry7511.3
Storage space854.3
TOTAL SCORE: 88.0/100

Note: Things like protection get more contribution to the final score, and things like style get less – this is a reflection of what I believe is more or less important in a guitar case

If you need a case for both physical protection for your dreadnought acoustic and want one with a built-in humidification system, then the Humicase Protege Dreadnought case is definitely an option worth considering.

Like always do some measurements and make sure your guitar will fit properly before buying.

There were some reports that said the latches weren’t aligned properly and some would have preferred a softer interior – but otherwise it’s a really solid case that seals well and has that humidification system as an added bonus.

If you live in a high humidity environment then I would suggest getting a good case with a good seal and using Humidipaks instead (that’s a two way system that de-humidifies when things are too wet and re-humidifies when things are too dry).


If you need the humidification aspect of this, then yeah I’d say definitely value-for-money.

If not, then I think you could get something with similar protection/weight for cheaper.

Where to Buy/more info

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Cordoba HumiCase Protege Thin Body Classical/Flamenco Humidified Guitar Case
Buy on Amazon Primeeligible

Check out the links below for more info on this case plus some user reviews so you can see what others thought of this case.

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Does a hard guitar case protect from humidity?

A hard guitar case can provide some protection against humidity, especially during short-term transport, it’s not a substitute for proper humidity management.

Does a soft guitar case protect from humidity?

A soft guitar case can provide basic protection for your instrument during transport and short-term storage, it is not a humidity-controlled environment.

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