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Martin guitars, one of the premier and largest acoustic guitar manufacturers, have several different shapes – each of them bringing a different sound and different feel.

The tables below are separated into shape for ease of reference. So if you know the shape of guitar that you are interested in, you can check out that table and then see which might be best suited to you based on other specs.

Martin Guitars by Shape
Not perfectly to scale

Table of Contents

The Martin Acoustic Guitar Shapes

Each of the following also have 12-fret versions and cutaway versions. But these are the main shape categories made by Martin.

  • 0
  • 00
  • 000
  • Grand Performance (GP)
  • D (dreadnought)
  • J (jumbo)

There are some other shapes but these are the main ones.

Below are the dimensions for each of these shapes.

Grand JJDGP000 (OM)000
Overall Length41 1/2″ (1054mm)40 5/8″ (1032mm)40 ½” (1029 mm)40 3/8” (1026 mm)39 13/16” (1011 mm)38 5/8” (981 mm)35 1/4″ (895mm)
Body Length21″ (533mm)20 1/8″ (511mm)20” (508 mm)19 3/4” (502 mm)19 3/8” (492 mm)18 7/8” (479 mm)17 1/8″ (435mm)
Lower Bout Width17″ (432mm)16″ (406mm)15 5/8” (397 mm)15 3/4“ (400 mm)15” (381 mm)14 5/16” (364 mm)13 9/16″ (345mm)
Body depth4 7/8″ (124mm)4 7/8″ (124mm)4 7/8” (124 mm)4 ½” (114 mm)4 1/8” (105 mm)4 1/8” (105 mm)4″ (102mm)

Note: Some shapes will differ in size – e.g. 12 fret models.

Martin 0 Guitars

This table includes Modified 0 guitars.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
0-18Sitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
0-28VSSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional12 Fret
LX1 Little MartinSitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoNo
LX1E Little MartinSitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoYes
LXK2 Little MartinLaminate KoaLaminate KoaNoNo
LX Black Little MartinLaminate BlackLaminate BlackNoNo
LXM Little MartinLaminate MahoganyLaminate MahoganyNoNo
LXME Little MartinLaminate MahoganyLaminate MahoganyNoYes
LX1E Ed SheeranSapeleLaminate BlackNoYes
Ed Sheeran X Signature EditionSitka SpruceLaminate KoaNoYes“X” featured on the headstock and body
Ed Sheeran ÷ Signature EditionSitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoYes“÷” featured on the headstock and body

Martin 00 Guitars

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
00-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
00-18Sitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
00-15E RetroMahoganyMahoganyNoYes
00X1AESitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoYes
SS-0041GB-17European Spruce with VTSGuatemalan RosewoodNoNo12 Fret
00-17S Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNo12 Fret
LXME Little 00-17SE Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYes12 Fret
00-17S Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNo12 Fret
00-17SE Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYes12 Fret
00-18 Authentic 1931Adirondack Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoNo12 Fret
00-28VSSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional12 Fret
00-42SC John MayerSitka SpruceCocoboloNoOptional12 Fret
CS-00S-14High Altitude Swiss SpruceHonduras RosewoodNoYes12 Fret
00-DB Jeff TweedyMahoganyMahoganyNoOptionalDeep Body
00LX1AESitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoYesSlope Shoulder
00L-17 Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNoSlope Shoulder
00L-17E Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYesSlope Shoulder
00L-17 Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNoSlope Shoulder
00L-17E Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYesSlope Shoulder
SS-OO41-15Adirondack Spruce with VTSGuatemalan RosewoodNoYesSlope Shoulder
SS-OOL41-16Adirondack Spruce with VTSMoabiNoNoSlope Shoulder
CEO-7Adirondack SpruceMahoganyNoOptionalSlope Shoulder

Martin 000 Guitars

Lots of options here!

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
00-28000-15 SpecialSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNo
000-17 Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNo
000-17E Black SmokeSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYes
000-17 Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoNo
000-17E Whiskey SunsetSitka SpruceMahoganyNoYes
000-42 Authentic 1939Adirondack Spruce with VTSMadagascar RosewoodNoNo
OM-21Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
000-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
000-28ECSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
OM-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
OM-28 Authentic 1931Adirondack Spruce with VTSMadagascar RosewoodNoNo
000-18Sitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
OM-18 Authentic 1933Adirondack Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoNo
000X1AESitka SpruceMahogany LaminateNoYes
OMXAE BlackLaminate BlackLaminate BlackNoYes
000-42Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
0M-42Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
000-16GTSitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
SS-OM42-14Adirondack SpruceSinker MahoganyNoOptional
OM-ECHF Navy BluesEuropean SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
000C NylonSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
OMJM John MayerEngelmann SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
OM-45 Deluxe Authentic 1930Adirondack Spruce with VTSBrazilian RosewoodNoNo
OMCXAE BlackLaminate BlackLaminate BlackYesYes
OMC-16ESitka SpruceCherryYesYes
OMC-28ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
OMC-18ESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
OMCPA4Sitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
OMCPA4 RosewoodSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
OMCPA1 PlusSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
OMC-35ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
000-30 Authentic 1919Adirondack Spruce with VTSMadagascar RosewoodNoNo12-Fret
000-28VSSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional12-Fret
000C NylonSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes12-Fret Nylon String

Martin Grand Performance Guitars

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
GPX1AESitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoYes
GPCX1AESitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
GPCXAEBlack LaminateBlack LaminateYesYes
GPCX1RAESitka SpruceRosewood LaminateYesYes
GPCX2AEMacassar SapeleMacassar LaminateYesYes
GPCPA4Sitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
GPCPA4 ShadedSitka SpruceSapeleYesYesShaded Finish on Top
GPCPA4 RosewoodSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
GPC12PA4Sitka SpruceSapeleYesYes12 String
GPC-18ESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
GPC-28ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
GPC-35ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
GPCRSGSitka SpruceMutenyeYesYes
GPCRSGTSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes

Martin D (Dreadnought) Guitars

This table doesn’t include Custom or Special Edition Models

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
DX1AESitka SpruceMahogany LaminateNoYes
DX1RAESitka SpruceRosewood LaminateNoYes
DX1KAESitka SpruceKoa LaminateNoYes
DXMAESpruce LaminateMahogany LaminateNoYes
DXAE BlackBlack LaminateBlack LaminateNoYes
DXK2AEKoa LaminateKoa LaminateNoYes
DX2AEMacassar SapeleMacassar LaminateNoYes
D12X1AESitka SpruceMahogany LaminateNoYes12 String
D-16GTSitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
D-16RGTSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-18Sitka SpruceMahoganyNoOptional
D-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-35Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
HD-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
HD-35Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-41Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-42Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-45Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D12-28Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional12 String
D-18 Authentic 1939Adirondack Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoNo
D-28 Authentic 1937Adirondack Spruce with VTSMadagascar RosewoodNoNo
HD-28VSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-45VSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
DRS2Sitka SpruceSapeleNoYes
DRSGSitka SpruceSirisNoYes
HD-16R AdirondackAdirondack SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
D-1 Authentic 1931Adirondack Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoNo12-Fret
D-16ESitka SpruceSycamoreNoYes000 Body Depth
D-45S Authentic 1936Adirondack Spruce with VTSBrazilian RosewoodNoNoLarge Body Dreadnought
OMCPA4 DCX1AESitka SpruceMahogany LaminateYesYes
DCX1RAESitka SpruceRosewood LaminateYesYes
DCXAE BlackBlack LaminateBlack LaminateYesYes
DCX1AE MacassarSitka SpruceMacassar LaminateYesYes
DCPA4Sitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
DCPA4 RosewoodSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
DC-18ESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
DC-28ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
DC-35ESitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
DCRSGSitka SpruceMutenyeYesYes

Martin J (Jumbo) Guitars

ModelTop WoodTop & SidesCutawayElectronicsOthers
J-40Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoOptional
CEO-8Sitka Spruce with VTSSycamoreNoYesGrand J shape/size
CEO 8.2European Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoNoGrand J shape/size
CEO 8.2EEuropean Spruce with VTSMahoganyNoYesGrand J shape/size

Other Shapes

Martin Steel String Backpacker
Martin’s Steel String Backpacker

There are some other shapes too like the M shape (aka 0000). There is only one guitar in this shape which is the Standard Series M36 which features a Sitka Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back/sides. Electronics are optional and there is no cutaway.

There are also “Backpacker” shaped/sized guitars in the Martin Line. If you’ve never seen or owned a backpacker guitar, these are some of the stranger looking guitars you’ll see.

Martin also make Ukuleles and these come in 3 different shapes/sizes – concert, tenor & soprano.

Thanks for Reading

I hope this list has helped to give you perspective on the Martin lineup. it’s no small line as you can see!

If there are any other specs that you would like to see in the table, leave a comment below and I can add more specs in there.

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