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Hello and welcome to my review of the Musician Gear Deluxe Dreadnought Case.

This review will look at a number of factors and determine what I think of the case as well as show you what others think of it.

Amongst other things the review will take into account:

  • Protection/Fit
  • Durability
  • Weight/Compactness
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Functionality

Table of Contents

Musician's Gear Deluxe Dreadnought Case (Tweed)
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Overall Rating

  • Case: Musician’s Gear Deluxe Dreadnought Case
  • Price: MSRP $59.99 (USD)
  • Fits: Standard Dreadnought size/shape acoustic guitars
  • Rating Score: 89.5/100


  • Low cost
  • Good protection
  • Good quality
  • Good quality hardware


Biggest Con: On the heavy/bulky side. Would have to pay a bit more to get a lighter case that still offers the same kind of protection



Overall Length:44″1118mm
Body Length:22″559mm
Lower Bout:16 1/2″419mm
Upper Bout:13″330mm
Body Depth:6″152mm


This case weighs 10.2 lbs (4.6kg)


  • Shell: 5 ply cross laminate wood
  • Outer: Choice of black or tweed (Tolex Vinyl)
  • Interior Lining: Plush soft lining
  • Hardware: 4 brass latches, plastic molded handle

Best Uses

The Musician’s Gear Deluxe Dreadnought (MGDD) case is a hard shell case – so it’s great for travelling to gigs, band practice, to your friend’s house, to school, to guitar lessons etc with.

it’s not a flight case – so if you are flying then I would recommend getting a flight case – particularly if you are protecting a relatively expensive guitar.

it’s also great for just storing your guitar at home.

This case is for standard dreadnought guitars. It is not recommended for Jumbos, Grand Concerts, Grand Auditoriums, Mini Guitars, Travel Guitars, Classical Guitars, Gypsy Jazz guitars, slim body guitars etc. etc. If your guitar is not a standard dreadnought shape/size then you should not get this case – get a case that is designed to fit your size/shape of guitar.


Below are the details for a number of different factors.


I use a protection/fit rating together because fit is really important for protection. You could have the most solid impact resistant case in the world but if your guitar is loose inside the case it can still get damaged – so a nice snug fit is important.

So this case gets a great protection score – but this is provided that the fit is good for your guitar.

If you have a standard dreadnought size/shape guitar then your guitar will fit well in this case.

I saw a review from someone (who gave the case 3 stars) saying that the fit wasn’t good for their Yamaha APX 500iii. that’s a slim body guitar and not a dreadnought! So of course it wasn’t going to fit well.


This is a solid case. it’s a quality built case despite its price and it’s hardy and durable.

Ease of Carry

Whilst the MGDD case is on the heavy side it’s otherwise pretty easy to carry. The handle is nice enough even though it’s plastic.


The MGDD case is a little bulky and a little heavy – this is the biggest con in my opinion.


The hardware is pretty heavy duty, the latches close well and there are enough latches to ensure your guitar is nice and safe. One of the latches locks too – though I did see one review saying that the lock latch didn’t lock for them – but I think this was a rare case (excuse the pun).

I recommend this case for anyone looking for a low cost but good quality case and 95% of the 967 people that reviewed this case at would also recommend this case.

Storage Space

Though not the be all and end all of a guitar case – it would be a pain if there was nowhere to stick your extra strings, your tuner, your strap, your slide, your capo etc.

The MGDD case has sufficient space for storing your accessories.


it’s nothing fancy for sure but it’s not ugly either. it’s pretty standard looking.

Score Breakdown and Final Verdict

Check out the table below for the score breakdown for all of the different categories.

Out of 100 Overall Contribution to Score
Ease of Carry8312.5
Storage space854.3
TOTAL SCORE: 89.5/100

Note: Things like protection get more contribution to the final score, and things like style get less – this is a reflection of what I believe is more or less important in a guitar case.

It may not be the most stylish or light weight/compact of acoustic guitar cases. But if you’re looking for something that will do a great job of protecting your dreadnought acoustic guitar, without paying too much, then the Musician’s Gear Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case is a great choice.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better quality hard case for a cheaper price.

Value for Money

value for money tick

From a sample of 54 guitar cases the average price was $97.68 (USD) – this was for hard cases only and didn’t include flight cases or gig bags. Any case that was over $200 (USD) was not included.

I wanted to check also to see if Dreadnought cases are typically cheaper because there are more of them (because dreadnought is the most popular shape of guitar available). The average price of dreadnought guitar cases (from the sample that I looked at) was $97.03 – so it was similar to the average for all the hard cases I looked at.

The Musician’s Gear Deluxe dreadnought hard case ($59) was significantly less than the average price ($97) for hard cases. But it was still high quality – it’s nothing flash but it does the job it should do which is important. You definitely get value-for-money with this case if you can find it at that price.

If you’re looking for a good quality case for a decent price and can handle it being slightly heavier than the average hard case, then this is a great pick.

Where to Buy/More Info

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Musician's Gear Deluxe Dreadnought Case (Tweed)
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Check out the link below for more info on this case plus a bunch of user reviews so you can see what others thought of this case.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading. I hope that this review has helped you to decide whether this case is for you or not. To learn more or if you’re ready to, buy check out the links above.


Will an auditorium guitar fit in a dreadnought case?

If you have an auditorium-sized guitar and a standard dreadnought case, it’s possible that the auditorium guitar may not fit perfectly inside the dreadnought case. It might be too small, which could potentially allow the guitar to move around inside the case, increasing the risk of damage during transport.

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