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Seagull Guitars by Shape
Not accurately to scale

Below is a list of Seagull guitars that have been categorized by shape.

Seagull has 4 main shapes in their line-up which are:

  • Dreadnought
  • Concert Hall
  • Folk
  • Grand

They also have mini jumbos but there aren’t heaps of those ? but they?ll be shown below too.

Each shape, except for the Grand shape, also have cutaway versions.

Seagull Shape/Size Dimensions

The table below shows the difference dimensions for each of Seagull?s guitar shapes.

DreadnoughtConcert HallFolkGrandMini Jumbo
Lower Bout Width15.87

O.k. let’s get into the Segaull guitars by shape, starting with the Dreadnoughts.


ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
Artist MosaicCedarMahoganyNoNo
Artist Mosaic ElementCedarMahoganyNoYes
Maritime SWS Semi-GlossSpruceMahoganyNoNo
Maritime SWS Semi-Gloss QITSpruceMahoganyNoYes
Maritime SWS Burnt Umber QITSpruceMahoganyNoYesBurnt Umber Finish
Maritime SWS Rosewood Semi-GlossSpruceRosewoodNoNo
Maritime SWS Rosewood Semi-Gloss QITSpruceRosewoodNoYes
Coastline S6 SpruceSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Coastline S6 Spruce QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Coastline Slim CW Spruce QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYesNarrower nut width
Coastline Cedar 12CedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo12 String
Coastline Cedar 12 QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes12 String
S6 OriginalCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
S6 Original QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
S6 Cedar Original SlimCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNoNarrower nut width
S6 Cedar Original Slim QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYesNarrower nut width
S6 Classic M-450TCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
S6 Original Burnt Umber QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYesBurnt Umber Finish
S6 Spruce Sunburst GTSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
S6 Spruce Sunburst GT A/ESpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
S6 Mahogany Deluxe A/EMahoganyMahoganyNoYesAll solid wood
Entourage RusticCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Entourage Rustic QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
WalnutSpruceLaminate WalnutNoNo
Walnut ISYS TSpruceLaminate WalnutNoYes
Walnut 12SpruceLaminate WalnutNoNo12 String
Walnut 12 ISYS TSpruceLaminate WalnutNoYes12 String
Excursion Natural Solid SpruceSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Excursion Natural Solid Spruce ISYS TSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Artist Studio CW ElementSpruceRosewoodYesYes
Artist Cameo CW ElementSpruceFlame MapleYesYes
Artist Peppino Signature CW ElementSpruceRosewoodYesYesExtra wide nut-wdith
Performer CW Flame Maple QITSpruceLaminate Flame MapleYesYes
S6 CW Spruce Sunburst GT QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryYesYes
Entourage Natural Spruce CW QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryYesYes
Entourage Rustic CW QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryYesYes

Concert Hall

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Artist Studio Concert Hall Sunburst ElementSpruceRosewoodNoYes
Maritime SWS Concert Hall Semi-GlossSpruceMahoganyNoNo
Maritime SWS Concert Hall Semi-Gloss QITSpruceMahoganyNoYes
S6 Original Concert HallCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
S6 Original Concert Hall QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
S6 Original Slim Concert Hall Burnt Umber GT A/ESpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Performer CW Concert Hall Burnt Umber QITSpruceLaminate Flame MapleYesYes
Entourage Rustic CW Concert Hall QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryYesYes


ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Maritime SQS Folk High-GlossSpruceMahoganyNoNo
Maritime SQS Folk High-Gloss QITSpruceMahoganyNoYes
Coastline Cedar FolkCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Coastline Cedar Folk QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Entourage Folk Burnt Umber QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Excursion Natural Folk Solid SpruceSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Excursion Natural Folk Solid Spruce ISYS TSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Artist Mosaic CW Folk ElementCedarMahoganyYesYes
Performer CW Folk Flame Maple QIT High GlossSpruceLaminate Flame MapleYesYes
Natural Elements CW Folk SG Amber Trail T35SpruceLaminate Amber Trail MapleYesYes
Natural Elements CW Folk SG Heart of Wild Cherry T35SpruceLaminate Heart of Wild CherryYesYes


ModelsTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Coastline Cedar GrandCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Coastline Cedar Grand QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
S6 Grand Sunburst GTSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
S6 Grand Sunburst GT QITSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Entourage Rustic GrandCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Entourage Rustic Grand QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Excursion Natural Solid Spruce GrandSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Excursion Natural Solid Spruce Grand ISYS TSpruceLaminate Wild CherryNoYes


ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Entourage Rustic Mini-JumboCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoNo
Entourage Rustic Mini-Jumbo QITCedarLaminate Wild CherryNoYes
Performer Cutaway Mini-Jumbo Flame Maple QITSpruceLaminate Flame MapleYesYes
Natural Elements CW Mini-Jumbo SG Amber Trail T35SpruceLaminate Amber Trail MapleYesYes
Natural Elements CW Mini-Jumbo SG Heart of Wild Cherry T35SpruceLaminate Heart of Wild CherryYesYes

Thanks for reading

So there you have all the Seagull models categorized by shape. I hope you found these tables useful.

If there are any other specs you?d like to see added to the tables, just leave a comment in the comments section below and let me know.

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  1. It would be helpful if the width of the nut was included in your specs.
    My wife is looking for a guitar but she has small hands. We would prefer to buy a Canadian-made guitar.

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