Takamine Pro Series 3 Overview

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Takamine Pro Series 3

Below is a quick overview of the Takamine Pro Series 3 acoustic guitars and will look at the specs and the differences and similarities between each guitar in the series.

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Takamine has 7 different Pro series. This is the 3rd of them.

Prices in the Pro Series 3 range from $1,249 to $1,959 – USD this is closer to the street price – the MSRP would be a little more.

There are 8 different acoustic guitars in the series:

  • P3D
  • P3DC
  • P3DC-12
  • P3MC
  • P3NC
  • P3NY
  • CP3DC-OV
  • CP3NYK

Before we take a look at the individual details for each of the guitars, we’ll take a look at the names and what they mean. Pretty straight forward.

  • P3 signifies that they belong to the Pro 3 series
  • C signifies that the guitar has a cutaway
  • 12 signifies a 12 string guitar
  • D signifies that the guitar is a dreadnought
  • M signifies that the guitar is an Orchestra Model (OM) shape
  • N signifies that the guitar is a NEX shape (mini-jumbo)
  • NY signifies that the guitar is Takamine’s “New Yorker” shaped guitar
  • FCN signifies that the guitar is Takamine’s FCN shape which is one of their classical guitar shapes
  • OV signifies the use of Ovangkol wood for the back and sides
  • K signifies the use of Koa wood for the back and sides

O.k. let’s check out the details for the guitars and their similarities and differences.

Prices are in USD and are only rough.

P3D – $1,249 (USD)

Starting with the non-cutaway dreadnought of the P3 family.

The P3D features:

  • Body Shape/Size: Dreadnought
  • Solid Cedar Top
  • Solid Sapele Back
  • Laminate Sapele Sides
  • Scalloped X Bracing
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 25.375″ (644mm) scale length
  • 1.675″ (42.5mm) nut width
  • Bone Nut
  • Pin-less Rosewood Bridge with Bone saddle (split saddle)
  • Cutaway: No
  • Electronics: CT4B II Preamp System with Built-in Tuner and 3 band EQ

Like the P1D from the pro-series 1, the P3D features a solid Cedar top and laminate Sapele sides. But the upgrade here, compared to the P1D is the Solid Sapele back.

Apart from some differences in detailing (which are only cosmetic differences) – that’s pretty much the only difference.

Like the P1D, the P3D has the pin-less bridge and split saddle that are unique to Takamine and the slightly narrower than normal neck width.

P3DC – $1,299 (USD)

The only difference between the P3DC and the P3D is that the P3DC has a venetian cutaway and the P3D doesn’t. Everything else is the same.

P3DC-12 – $1,349 (USD)

As you’ve probably guessed this is the 12-string model of the P3DC.

Apart from the fact that it’s a 12-string the other specs are the same – except that it has a 1.825″ (46.35mm) nut width, which is necessary to house the extra strings.

P3MC $1,299 (USD)

The P3MC has the same specs as the P3DC with the only difference being the shape/size. This is Takamine’s OM shape. But this is quite a significant difference and will have a noticeable affect on the tone of the guitar.

The OM shape tends to produce a stronger mid-range presence compared with the Dreadnought.

P3NC – $1,299 (USD)

The P3NC is also very similar to the other models when it comes to the specs, with the major difference being that it has Takamine’s NEX shape.

The NEX shape is like a scaled down version of a jumbo.

This shape is the all-rounder of shapes, producing a balanced tone across the spectrum. This is also the shape that Takamine recommends for accompanying vocals.

P3NY – $1,249 (USD)

The P3NY is the Pro Series 3 guitar in Takamine’s New Yorker shape. This is a small bodied guitar that is basically their version of the “parlor” shape.

This shape will produce a sound more in the higher tonal range but it’s a full sounding tone. And it’s also a shape that will be very responsive to the touch. So, whilst it will have a smaller volume ceiling than its bigger bodied counterparts, you will produce a louder sound with a lighter touch than you can with the bigger bodies.

Apart from the shape, the P3NY also has a headstock with open tuners. This gives it more of a classical look, but it’s still a steel string guitar. And, apart from the shape and the headstock, it otherwise has the same specs as the rest of the guitars in the Pro 3 series line-up.

CP3DC-OV – $1,749 (USD)

The CP3DC-OV features a solid Ovangkol back and laminate Ovangkol sides in place of the Sapele found on the P3DC.

The other difference is that this guitar has an upgrade in the electronics, featuring Takamine’s CTP-3 Cooltube preamp system in place of the CT4BII on the other models.

Otherwise, it has the same specs as the P3DC.

CP3NYK – $1,959 (USD)

For the CP3NYK, Takamine takes the P3NY and makes some significant enhancements.

Firstly, and probably the most important difference, is that they replace the Sapele back and sides with Solid Koa on the back and Laminate Koa on the sides.

In addition to this, the CP3NYK, also has a wider neck – 1″ (45mm).

Plus, there are some visual differences, like the solid headstock.

Takamine Pro Series 3 Overview

Final Thoughts

This has been a very quick overview of Takamine’s Pro Series 3.

There is 1 other model in this series which hasn’t been covered here, which is the P3FCN, which is a classical guitar.


Where is Takamine Pro series made?

Takamine Pro Series guitars are primarily made in Japan.

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