Takamine Pro Series 5 Acoustic Guitars Overview

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Takamine Pro Series 5

Like with a lot Takamine’s pro series the Takamine Pro Series 5 is a small series. There are just 4 different models in the series.

This doesn’t leave very many options in terms of different shapes, and different configurations – e.g. cutaway, non-cutaway, with or without electronics etc. However, there are 3 different shape options and they all have a cutaway and electronics.

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Takamine Pro 5 Series

The 4 guitars in the Pro Series 5 are:

  • P5DC
  • P5DC -WB
  • P5JC
  • P5NC

To get a brief idea of the differences, the names translated are:

  • P5 signifies that they belong to the Pro 5 series
  • C signifies that the guitar has a cutaway
  • D signifies that the guitar is a dreadnought
  • J signifies that the guitar is a jumbo
  • N signifies that the guitar is Takamine’s NEX shape
  • WB signifies q “Whiskey Brown” finish

This is the first of the Takamine Pro Series to feature Rosewood in their back and sides. The backs of the Pro Series 5 guitars are solid Rosewood and the sides are laminate rosewood (as opposed to their Pro Series 7, where the Back and Sides are all solid Rosewood).

O.k let’s check out each guitar individually.

Prices are in USD and are only rough.

P5DC – $1,649 (USD)

Starting with the Dreadnought model.

The P5DC features:

  • Body Shape/Size: Dreadnought
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Solid Rosewood Back
  • Laminate Rosewood Sides
  • Scalloped X Bracing
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 25.375″ (644mm) scale length
  • 1.68″ (42.7mm) nut width
  • Bone Nut
  • Pin-less Rosewood Bridge with Bone saddle (split saddle)
  • Cutaway: Yes
  • Electronics: CTP-3 Cool Tube with Built-in Tuner

The P5DC features a solid Spruce top, a solid Rosewood back and laminate Rosewood back and sides.

The P5DC also features Takamine’s top of the line Ctp-3 Cooltube pre-amp system.

Like most Takamine guitars, the P5DC has a split saddle that is unique to Takamine and a slightly narrower than normal neck width. Unlike most Pro Series guitars, the 5 series guitars don’t feature Takamine’s pin-less bridge. On these models, there are bridge pins that hold the strings in place (common on most acoustic guitars but a lot Takamine’s use a pin-less bridge).

P5DC-WB – $1,649 (USD)

There is very little difference between this and the P5DC. The only difference is its finish. it’s finished in a “Whiskey Brown” finish – hence the “WB” in the name. So between this and the P5DC would just depend on your personal preference for the looks of the guitar.

P5JC – $1,799 (USD)

The main difference between the P5JC and the P5DC is that the P5JC is a Jumbo size/shape.

The jumbo is a great shape for playing Rhythm guitar. It’s the ultimate strummer and is great for playing loud and strumming big chords.

P5NC – $1,749 (USD)

The P5NC is the NEX model in the Pro 5 Series. The NEX Is like a miniature jumbo. It has a more overall balanced tone that the Dreadnought but it has a lower volume ceiling than both the Dreadnought and the Jumbo. However, it will be more responsive to the touch. So you get a lot of expression for a softer touch.

The NEX body shape is said to be a great companion to vocals, tonally. So if you like to sing and play, then this is a great option.

Takamine Pro Series 5 Acoustic Guitars Overview

Final Thoughts

This has been a very brief overview of Takamine’s Pro Series 5 acoustic guitars. Like many of their series, the 5 Series is a brief series in itself.

If you’re a fan of the Spruce/Rosewood sound, then this a great place to start if you’re looking for a Takamine.

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Where are Takamine Pro series made?

Takamine Pro Series guitars are crafted in Japan. The Pro Series is known for its high-quality construction and materials, and these guitars are produced in Takamine’s facility in Sakashita, Japan, where the company was originally founded.

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