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Below is the Taylor guitars line up categorized by shape.

If you know the shape/size of guitar that you want or like and are considering a Taylor guitar, this will hopefully make it easier to see the different guitars that Taylor has for each shape.

Taylor Guitars

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Taylor Guitar Shapes

Taylor broadly produces the following shapes/sizes:

  • Grand Concert
  • Grand Auditorium
  • Grand Symphony
  • Dreadnought
  • Grand Orchestra
  • GS Mini (scaled down Grand Symphony)
  • Baby (3/4 sized Dreadnought)
  • Big Baby (15/16 sized Dreadnought)

The following table shows the dimensions of these different shapes:

Grand ConcertGrand AuditoriumGrand SymphonyDreadnoughtGrand OrchestraGS MiniBabyBig Baby
Body Length19 1/2″ (495mm)20” (508 mm)20” (508 mm)20” (508 mm)20 5/8″ (524mm)17 5/8″ (448mm)15 3/4″ (400mm)19 1/2″ (495mm)
Lower Bout Width15″ (381mm)16“ (406 mm)16 1/4“ (413 mm)16” (406 mm)16 3/4″ (425mm)14 3/8″ (365mm)12 1/2″ (318mm)15″ (381mm)
Body depth4 3/8″ (111mm)4 5/8” (117 mm)4 5/8” (117 mm)4 5/8” (117 mm)5″ (127mm)4 7/16″ (113mm)3 3/8″ (86mm)4″ (102mm)

If you’re not sure about the right size/shape for you check out my blog post: How to Choose the Size of an Acoustic Guitar for You.

What Size/Shape Options Do Taylor Guitars Have?

Below I have organized each Taylor guitar currently on offer into each of the different size categories.

The following lists don’t include any pre-2017 models or limited edition models and in some cases models where the only thing distinguishing them is the finish (e.g. Sunburst, Black etc) are also excluded.

Grand Concert

The following models are Grand Concert models.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
312Sitka SpruceSapeleNoNo
312eSitka SpruceSapeleNoYes
312ceSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
312e 12-fretSitka SpruceSapeleNoYes
312ce 12-fretSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
312ce-NSitka SpruceSapeleYesYesNylon String
322Tropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoNo
322eTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoYes
322ceTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodYesYes
322e 12-fretTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoYes
322ce 12-fretTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodYesYes
412eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoYes
412ceSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYes
412e-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
412ce-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
412ce-NSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYesNylon String
412ce-NRSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String
512ceWestern Red CedarTropical MahoganyYesYes
512e 12-fretWestern Red CedarTropical MahoganyNoYes
512ce 12-fretWestern Red CedarTropical MahoganyYesYes
522ceTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyYesYes
522e 12-fretTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyNoYes
522ce 12-fretTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyYesYes
562ce 12-fretTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyYesYes12 String
612ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
612ce 12-fretSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
712ceLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
812Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoNo
812eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
812ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
812ce 12-fretSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
812ce-NSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String
912ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
912ce 12-fretSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
Academy 12eSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoYes
Acadamy 12e-NLutz SpruceLayered SapeleNoYesNylon String
k22eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes
k22ceHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaYesYes
PS12ceSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyYesYes
Jason Mrax Signature ModelWestern Red CedarIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String

Grand Auditorium

The following models are Grand Auditorium.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
114eSitka SpruceLayered WalnutNoYes
114ceSitka SpruceLayered WalnutYesYes
114ce-NSitka SpruceLayered WalnutYesYesNylon String
214 DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodNoNo
214e DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodNoYes
214ceSitka SpruceLayered KoaYesYes
214ce DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodYesYes
214ce-BLK DLXSitka SpruceLayered SapeleYesYesBlack Finish
214ce-K DLXSitka SpruceLayered KoaYesYes
214ce-SB DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodYesYesSunburst Finish
214ce-NSitka SpruceLayered KoaYesYesNylon String
224ce-K DLXHawaiian KoaLayered KoaYesYes
254ce-DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodYesYes12 String
314Sitka SpruceSapeleNoNo
314eSitka SpruceSapeleNoYes
314ce-NSitka SpruceSapeleYesYesNylon String
324Tropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoNo
324eTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoYes
324ceTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodYesYes
414eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoYes
414ceSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYes
414e-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
414ce-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
414ce-NSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYesNylon String
414ce-NRSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String
514ceWestern Red CedarTropical MahoganyYesYes
514ce-NWestern Red CedarTropical MahoganyYesYesNylon String
524ceTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyYesYes
614ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
714eLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
714ceLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
714ce-NLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String
814Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoNo
814eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
814ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
814ce DLXSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
814ce-NSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYesNylon String
914ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
k24eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes
k24ceHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaYesYes
PS14ceSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyYesYes

Grand Symphony

The following models are Grand Symphony.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
316ceSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
326ceTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodYesYes
356ceSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes12 string
416eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoYes
416ceSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYes
416ce-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
456ceSitka SpruceOvangkolYesYes12 string
456ce-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes12 string
516ceLutz SpruceTropical MahoganyYesYes
526ceTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyYesYes
556ceLutz SpruceTropical MahoganyYesYes12 string
616ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
656ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes12 string
716ceLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
756ceLutz SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes12 string
816Sitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoNo
816eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
816ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
856ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes12 string
916ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
956ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes12 string
K26eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes
K26ceHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaYesYes
K66eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes12 string
K66ceHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaYesYes12 string
PS16ceSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyYesYes
PS56ceSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyYesYes12 string


The following models are Dreadnoughts.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
110eSitka SpruceWalnutNoYes
110ceSitka SpruceWalnutYesYes
150eSitka SpruceWalnutNoYes12 string
210 DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodNoNo
210e DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodNoYes
210ceSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodYesYes
210ce DLXSitka SpruceLayered RosewoodYesYes
220ce-K DLXHawaiian KoaLayered KoaYesYes
310Sitka SpruceSapeleNoNo
310eSitka SpruceSapeleNoYes
310ceSitka SpruceSapeleYesYes
320Tropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoNo
320eTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoYes
360eTropical MahoganyTasmanian BlackwoodNoYes12 string
410eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoYes
410ceSitka SpruceOvangkolNoNo
410e-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
410ce-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
510Lutz SpruceTropical MahoganyNoNo
510eLutz SpruceTropical MahoganyNoYes
520eTropical MahoganyTropical MahoganyNoYes
610eSitka SpruceMapleNoYes
610ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
710Lutz SpruceIndian RosewoodNoNo
710eLutz Spruce Indian RosewoodNoYes
810Sitka Spruce Indian RosewoodNoNo
810eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
810ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
810e DLXSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
910eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
K20eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes
PS10ceSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyYesYes
Academy 10eSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoYes

Grand Orchestra

The following models are Grand Orchestra.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronicsOther
418eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoYes
418e-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYes
458eSitka SpruceOvangkolNoNo
458e-RSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes12 String
618eSitka SpruceMapleNoYes
618ceSitka SpruceMapleYesYes
818eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes
818ceSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodYesYes
858eSitka SpruceIndian RosewoodNoYes12 String
K28eHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaNoYes
K28ceHawaiian KoaHawaiian KoaYesYes
PS18eSitka SpruceMacassar EbonyNoYes

GS Mini (scaled down Grand Symphony)

The following models are GS Minis.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
GS MiniSitka SpruceSapeleNoNo
GS Mini MahoganyTropical MahoganyLayered SapeleNoNo
GS Mini-e Mahogany
Tropical MahoganyLayered SapeleNoYes
GS Mini-e RW
Sitka SpruceLayered RosewoodNoYes
GS Mini-e Walnut
Sitka SpruceWalnutNoYes
GS Mini-e Koa FLTDHawaiian KoaLayered KoaNoYes

Baby (3/4 sized Dreadnought)

The following models are Babys.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Baby TaylorSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoNo
Baby Taylor-eSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoYes
Baby MahoganyTropical MahoganyLayered SapeleNoNo
Baby Mahogany-eTropical MahoganyLayered SapeleNoYes
Taylor Swift Baby TaylorSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoNo
Taylor Swift Baby Taylor-eSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoYes

Big Baby (15/16 sized Dreadnought)

The following models are Big Babys.

ModelTop WoodBack & SidesCutawayElectronics
Big Baby TaylorSitka SpruceLayered SapeleNoNo

Thanks for Reading

If you know your preferred size/shape and know some of the other features you are looking for, then hopefully the tables in this post were useful to you to narrow down your preferred model.

If there are any other specs that you would like to see in the tables above to help you make your decision, let me know and I can add more specs in there.


What is the best Taylor shape?

Taylor Guitars offers a wide range of guitar shapes, each with its own unique characteristics and tonal qualities. The “best” Taylor guitar shape for you depends on your personal preferences, playing style, and the kind of sound you’re looking for.

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