What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000?

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Of course everyone has different preferences, especially when it comes to sound as everyone perceives sound differently, but the guitar below is what I consider to be the best acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars.

Whether you agree with it or not will depend on your own personal tastes, and I will suggest some other options in the same price range at the end of the article.

Of course if you are looking for a grand auditorium or parlor guitar or other type of acoustic then this won’t necessarily be your choice.

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Martin DX1RAE Electric-Acoustic Guitar

When I first played this guitar I instantly loved it – and it stood out above the other guitars I was trying in the same price range.

I found this guitar super smooth and nice to play and the sound was balanced, even and dynamic.

See the Martin DX1RAE full review for more

The Tone

acoustic guitar's tonality

The DX1RAE has a Sitka Spruce top – which would typically produce a sound towards the brighter end of the scale rather than a warm tone (which is great if you are looking for a bright tone of course).

The DX1RAE sort of defies that in that it has a warmer sound. it’s still quite bright and crisp but it’s on the warmer side of bright (to my ears).

it’s true to its dreadnought shape/size in that it’s got great volume, projection and a boomy sound – but it’s pretty balanced in terms of mids, treble and bass.

The Playability

it’s a rare occasion when I find a guitar that has an action that I wouldn’t change – but the DX1RAE was set up just how I like it – straight off the rack.

I found it super smooth and easy to play and I felt, even playing technical songs, I could play them with a lot more ease than I could on your average guitar.

The Biggest Surprise

I didn’t research the materials used in this guitar until after I had played it (I don’t research the materials for any of my guitar reviews – for the reason so that I don’t have any bias), and I was very surprised to learn that there are a lot of man made materials used on this guitar.

For all natural material enthusiasts this might be off putting – but for me, if the guitar sounds and plays awesome, then I have no problem with it.

And these man made materials are part of the reason – I assume – that this guitar is priced as it is.


value for money tick

I would have put this guitar in a much higher price bracket had I not known the price before I played it.

You may not get all solid wood (which I wouldn’t expect for this price anyway) but the most important thing, in my opinion, is how the guitar sounds and how it feels to play. In terms of those two things this guitar is worth far more than its price-tag.

Video played next to the Taylor 110e

Check out the video of the DX1RAE being played next to the Taylor 110e. I has also played the 110e in the same session as I played he DX1RAE (so this video was very apt for me). Overall I prefer the DX1RAE but I did also like the 110e.

Which do you prefer between the two? Would be awesome to hear other people’s opinions in the comments section below.

Some Other options for the best guitar under 1000

Since everyone has their own tone preferences I thought I’d add in a few more options for what I consider to be in the top 5 guitars under 1,000.

I have created another post of the top 5 guitars under 1000 which you can check out: Six String Acoustic’s Top 5 Guitars Under 1000

Thanks for Reading

So, now you know what I think is the best acoustic guitar you can buy that costs less than 1,000.

Do you agree? Or is there another from the top 5 at the link above that you prefer? Or is there one that I haven’t covered that you think can beat them all?

If you have any other questions or comments just leave them in the comments section below.

If you want to learn more about the Martin DX1RAE check out my Martin DX1RAE Full Review.


Does an expensive acoustic guitar make a difference?

Yes, an expensive acoustic guitar can make a difference. However, the value of these improvements depends on the player’s skill level and needs. For beginners, mid-range guitars can be quite sufficient, while advanced players may appreciate the finer qualities of more expensive instruments.

By Nate Pallesen

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