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Yamaha Guitars by shape
*Not perfectly to scale

This post is going to take a look at Yamaha guitars by shape.

This will only include their acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars (does not include their Classical and Electric guitars).

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Yamaha’s Shapes

I couldn’t find any specific information on the shapes/sizes that Yamaha provides but I’ve narrowed it down to these main shapes/sizes:

  • Dreadnought (or what they call “Traditional Western”)
  • Jumbo
  • Concert (Small Body)
  • CPX (medium jumbo)
  • APX
  • APX

The chart below shows the differences in the sizes. Sizes of different models may vary to the table below.

Dimensions in millimeters

ConcertAPXAPX 3/4
Total Length1046mm1039mm1043mm1021mm1022mm866mm
Body Length512mm505mm511mm497mm490mm385mm
Lower Bout Width415mm412mm400mm380mm384mm300mm
Upper Bout Width294mm292mm279mm
Body depth125mm118mm115mm120mm90mm75mm

Dimensions in inches

ConcertAPXAPX 3/4
Total Length41 3/16″40 29/32”41 5/8″40 3/16”40 1/4″34 1/8″
Body Length20 5/32”19 7/8”20 1/8″19 9/16”19 5/16″15 3/16″
Lower Bout Width16 1/3”16 1/4”15 3/4″14 15/16”15 1/8″11 13/16″
Waist10 7/16”10 9/16”9 1/6”
Upper Bout Width11 9/16”11 1/2”11”
Body depth4 15/16”4 5/8”4 1/2″4 3/4”3 9/16″2 15/16″

O.k. let’s take a look at the guitars offered in each different size/shape.

Dreadnoughts (Traditional Western)

As with most guitar manufacturers there are a good number of options for Yamaha dreadnoughts.

Back &
FX325Laminate SpruceLaminate Nato/MerantiNoYes
FX370CLaminate SpruceLaminate Nato/MerantiYesYes
FG800SpruceLaminate Nato/OkumeNoNo
FGX800CSpruceLaminate Nato/OkumeYesYes
FG820SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoNo
FGX820CSpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
FG820LSpruceLaminate MahoganyNoNoLeft-handed
FG820-12SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoNo12 string
FG830SpruceLaminate RosewoodNoNo
FGX830CSpruceLaminate RosewoodYesYes
FG840SpruceLaminate Flamed MapleNoNo
FG850MahoganyLaminate MahoganyNoNo
FG180-50THSpruceMahoganyNoNo50TH Anniversary. All Solid Wood
AIMSitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
AIRSitka SpruceLaminate RosewoodYesYes
A3MSitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
A3RSitka SpruceRosewoodYesYes
A3M ARESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement on Top
A3R ARESitka SpruceRosewoodYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement on Top
A5M ARESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
A5R ARESitka SpruceRosewoodYesYes
A6RSitka SpruceRosewoodYesYes


Back &
LL6 AREEngelmann SpruceLaminate RosewoodNoPassive
LL6M AREEngelmann SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoPassive
LL16 AREEngelmann SpruceRosewoodNoPassive
LL16M AREEngelmann SpruceMahoganyNoPassive
LL16D AREEngelmann SpruceRosewoodNoPassivecosmetically done up version of LL16ARE
LL16L AREEngelmann SpruceRosewoodNoPassiveLeft-handed
LL16-12 AREEngelmann SpruceRosewoodNoPassive12 String
LL26 AREEngelmann SpruceRosewoodNoPassiveVintage looks
LL36 AREEngelmann SpruceIndian RosewoodNoPassiveVintage looks – constructed using higher level luthiers ?
LL56 Custom AREEngelmann SpruceIndian RosewoodNoPassivecosmetically done up version of LL36ARE – woods may be of a higher quality. Constructed by master luthier

More on Yamaha’s L Series Guitars

Concert (Small Body)

Back &
FS800SpruceLaminate Nato/OkumeNoNo
FSX800CSpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
FS820SpruceLaminate MahoganyNoNo
FSX820CSpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
FS830SpruceLaminate RosewoodNoNo
FSX830CSpruceLaminate RosewoodYesYes
FS850MahoganyLaminate MahoganyNoNo
AC1MSitka SpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
AC1RSitka SpruceLaminate RosewoodYesYes
AC3MSitka SpruceMahoganyYesYes
AC3RSitka SpruceRosewoodYesYes
AC3M ARESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement
AC3R ARESitka SpruceRosewoodYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement
AC5M ARESitka SpruceMahoganyYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement
AC5R ARESitka SpruceRosewoodYesYesAcoustic Resonance Enhancement
AC6RSitka SpruceRosewoodYesYes

CPX (Medium Jumbo)

Back &
CPX500IILaminate SpruceLaminate Nato/MerantiYesYes
CPX500IIILaminate SpruceLaminate Nato/OkumeYesYes
CPX700II-12SpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes12 String

APX & APX 3/4

One of the unique features of this shape is that it features an oval sound hole.

Model Top
Back &
APX500IILaminate SpruceLaminate Nato/MerantiYesYes
APX500IIILaminate SpruceLaminate Nato/OkumeYesYes
APX500IIEWLaminate Flamed MangoLaminate Nato/MerantiYesYes
APX700IISpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes
APX700IILSpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYesLeft-handed
APX700II-12SpruceLaminate MahoganyYesYes12 string
APXT2Laminate SpruceLaminate Nato/MerantiYesYesAPX 3/4 size

More on Yamaha’s APX series of Guitars

Thanks for Reading

I hope this has given you some perspective on Yamaha’s acoustic guitar lineup and their different sizes/shapes.

If I’ve missed any guitars above, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

If you want to know about acoustic guitar sizes in general, check out my blog post!

By the way, you can check out my Yamaha LLC review on the blog!


Is Yamaha F310 a full size guitar?

Yes, the Yamaha F310 is a full-size acoustic guitar. It features a dreadnought body style, commonly associated with full-sized guitars, and is designed to offer a balanced tone suitable for a wide range of playing styles. Its size and playability make it a popular choice for beginners and intermediate players.

What shape is the Yamaha F310?

The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar features a dreadnought body shape. This design is known for its large size and broad shoulders, offering a powerful, balanced sound that’s well-suited for a variety of musical styles. The dreadnought shape contributes to the F310’s versatility and popularity, especially among beginners and intermediate players.

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